Your end of tenancy cleaning checklist

Leaving your rental in the same condition as when you moved in is the best way to ensure you get your full deposit back.


With so much to do when moving to a new house, conducting a full clean can be the last thing on your mind. Getting professional cleaners in is a great option, but for those who want to cut costs, having a checklist in place to ensure you don’t forget anything is a great way to go.

Oven cleaning Essex company, Oven Bright, share their top tips for cleaning so you can leave your house in tip top condition and get your full deposit back.

Wash walls with sugar soap

Over time, dirt, scuff marks and grime can build up on your walls, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. Sugar soap is a mild detergent which helps to get rid of this build up without damaging the paint or leaving behind any residue. Skirting boards, gloss doors and windowsills can be cleaned with diluted washing liquid.

Deep clean the carpets

In addition to removing any stains in the carpet from accidental spills, you will need to give the whole carpet a thorough clean before moving. Many supermarkets allow people to hire professional carpet cleaners for a small fee which is effective for lifting ingrained dirt, or alternatively carpet shampoo, baking soda and white wine vinegar work well.

Dust and clean the forgotten places

You may be surprised to find how much dust has built up in forgotten spaces during your time in the house. On top of doorframes, behind wardrobes, light switches and lightshades are some of the biggest culprits for piles of dust. Once dusted, use a damp cloth to give a quick clean.

Check the bathroom for mildew and mould

It’s not unusual for mould and mildew to build up in bathrooms over time. When cleaning the bathroom, pay special attention to the taps, shower head and any small nooks where they might have built up. Mould and mildew can also grow on the grout in your tiles. If this happens, soak with a special cleaner and use an old or spare toothbrush to scrub the grout clean.

Clean your oven and extractor fan

Unless you’ve been regularly cleaning your oven throughout your tenancy, it’s likely you will need to get it professionally cleaned to lift a year or more worth of baked in grease. For those who have kept on top of oven cleaning, you’ll need to clean and air it out one last time before you move out. Use a purpose made oven cleaner and ensure the door, sides and shelves are all clean.

If you have an extractor fan, you will need to clean the built-up food grease from this too. Most filters can be taken out from the hood – soak as long as possible in hot soapy water to dissolve the grease before scrubbing clean.

Clean the insides of kitchen cupboards and fridges

Spices, condiments and general grime can settle in your kitchen cupboards, and the insides will need to be cleaned just as much as the outside does. Diluted washing up liquid, white wine vinegar or all-purpose cleaner should be enough to lift any dirt.

You will also need to clean the inside of the fridge by removing and washing the shelves and wiping down all the walls.

It may be useful to document all cleaning carried out, including taking pictures and keeping receipts for any professional services used, to provide to your landlord or letting agency if required. These can be disposed of once you have received your deposit back.

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