What Are The Benefits Of A Measured Building Survey

surveysHow an accurate building survey can be an investment not simply a cost

A highly accurate and detailed measured buildings survey can pay dividends in terms of making a proposed project easier and more efficient to complete. It could even save money long term, so more than offsetting the initial cost.

What is a measured survey?

A measured building survey is the highly detailed and accurate surveying of a building or structure. Using state of the art measuring and recording equipment including lasers, GPS and high resolution digital cameras, an invaluable reference is created.

Along with the building or structure’s measurements, a record can be made of the positioning of supports including trusses and beams, windows, doors, positioning of steps, handrails, skirting boards, coving and fixed furniture such as cupboards.

The positioning of service items including electrical cabling and power supplies, air conditioning plus heating and ventilation can also be included.

Further detail can be found here.

The benefits

Renovation projects (older buildings) – accurate records made of types of older building materials used such as particular tiles makes it easier to obtain them so sympathetic renovations can take place. Because of accurate measuring only materials in the correct quantities will be ordered so saving costs on unneeded supplies.

Re-equipping – accurate measurements and recording makes it easier to plan a revamp. For example, knowing where existing power supplies are sited is a big help if changing or adding to electrical systems.

Saves money – accurate surveys mean far less likelihood of errors being made that may entail planning department rejections, and thus the time and cost of redesigns.

As mentioned above, materials cost can be reduced as only the correct quantities would be ordered for the area required.

Accurate reference – having an accurate survey to hand makes it easier to meaningfully plan future work such as revamps, adaptations, rebuilds, renovations, re-equipping and undertaking health and safety assessments.

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