The Top 10 Benefits of Artificial Grass for Your Garden

Artificial grass is a dynamic, practical and versatile solution for homeowners who are looking for a cost-effective alternative to natural turf.

Here are the top 10 benefits of choosing to use artificial grass for your outside space.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is commonly used for front gardens and small back gardens as it is the ideal, low maintenance solution. No more mowing, weeding, lawn feed or watering. Depending on how high traffic the areas is you can simply brush, hoover or spray it down a couple of times a year to keep it looking good.

Pet Friendly

A common misconception with artificial grass is that it isn’t suitable for those with pets when in reality it is extremely pet friendly and provides animals with a soft surface ideal for playing on. Solid waste can be easily collected same as a regular lawn and simply sprayed or hosed down as required.

Saves Water

Watering your lawn during the warmer months is extremely time consuming and often impractical with it needing to be done early morning or late evenings on hot days. Fake grass requires no regular watering – only the odd splash for an occasional clean, saving you a significant amount on your water bills each year.

It Always Looks Great!

Fake grass remains vibrant, green and flawlessly luscious all year round come rain or shine. No patchy yellow dry spots in the hot summer months and no boggy, muddy patches in winter. Just a perfect lawn that your neighbours will admire with envy.

Safe for Children

Artificial lawns are a great choice for areas that children play in, providing a softer surface for trips or falls, no contact with nasty fertilisers or chemicals and a fun, clean, even surface for them to run around safely at all times of the year.

No Allergies

Grass pollen is one of the biggest causes of seasonal allergies affecting around 90% of people with hay fever. For those who suffer from pollen-related allergies, having no lawn to cut can greatly reduce the amount of pollen being spread through the air and whilst it isn’t a hay fever cure, fake grass is a great way to adapt your outside space so that you can make the most of your garden!


When professionally installed using high-quality materials, artificial grass can have a long life span and be able to withstand foot traffic, seasonal changes and UV exposure. Its life expectancy can be prolonged further by the upkeep of regular maintenance such as the occasional wash and brush which helps to keep the pile looking clean and fluffy.

Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy, green lawn can often be like fighting a losing battle not to mention expensive. A real lawn requires things such as a mower, grass trimmer, water, lawn feed, grass seeds, fertiliser, weed killer, pest control and many more all of which might still result in a patchy brown and yellow lawn. Artificial grass saves you time and money with no need for costly or time-consuming products and equipment.

Perfect for Those Tricky Areas

Often people find themselves with a beautiful garden that they have worked hard to develop, only to be met with the same problem over and over again. Whether it’s because of trees not letting through the light, the soil being the wrong pH or poor irrigation, if real grass is struggling to grow then fake grass UK could be the ideal solution.

You don’t even need to do the whole garden, lots of homeowners use patios, paths or sleepers to create sections that allow for them to use both real and fake grass where it is required.


Of course artificial grass looks great for its main use but it can also be utilised in a number of ingenious ways to jazz up your outside space. Inside raised beds, on decking and terraces, rooves, balconies, porches and play areas, swimming pool or hot tub surrounds and play areas.

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