The Most Common Plumbing Problems in The Home

Homeowners often have a few essential tools on hand to cope with any minor plumbing emergencies that can crop up at any time. Most of the time it’s something simple like a clogged toilet or a slow drain. If you’re handy around the house, then chances are you’ll be able to tackle the small repair.

However, if the job is much bigger, perhaps it’s time to bring in some help from recommended professional plumbing services to deal with the situation.


Low water pressure

Low water pressure is typical in older homes, but it can happen in newer builds too. There a number of factors that can contribute to low water pressure, such as a leaking pipe, needing to clean or replace the shower head, corrosion in the pipes and more. You needn’t suffer with showers that trickle water though, an experienced and certified plumber can offer help and provide multiple solutions in the home to help increase your water pressure.

Dripping faucets

A dripping tap may seem like a small problem, but it can add up to a tremendous waste of water over time. Normally, a dripping faucet can be fixed by simply replacing a washer. If you notice it still dripping however, then the valve seat may be corroded. It could also be down to a worn-out seal, or something more extreme like a broken pipe. It may be time to call a professional to deal with more in-depth problems.

Running toilet

There are various reasons as to why your toilet might be running, but they are easy to locate and fix. Toilets commonly run when the flapper valve that lets water pass from the tank to the bowl no longer fits correctly, the float is imbalance, or the fill tube comes loose. A running toilet can be repaired easily by replacing the part that is not running properly.

Clogged drains

Drains can become clogged over time by a variety of materials, such as hair, lint and even mineral build-up. If you have a plumbing system that is over 20 years old, you should be aware that older pipes are more prone to persistent clogging. Even though it seems logical to use them, over-the-counter drain cleaners can often cause harm to your pipes, so its best to contact a professional to handle unclogging the drains.

Leaking pipes

A leak is an opening for fluid to escape a container or fluid-containing system which can cause significant damage to floors, walls and belongings. Leaks usually occur at joints, which is why fillers and fitting compounds occupy a lot of shelf space in DIY and hardware shops. These products are a temporary fix however, and a permanent plumbing repair may be needed to replace a length of pipe or its fittings.

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