The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

As homeowners have become increasingly aware of the benefits of underfloor heating over conventional radiator systems, it’s no surprise that this is currently one of the fastest growing home improvement projects in the UK.

Despite the initial cost to install the heating, over a short amount of time the savings on energy and efficiency will pay for themselves, whilst adding additional value to the property overall.


Low maintenance costs

One of the most popular reasons why people choose to install underfloor heating is simply because it requires very little maintenance once it has been fitted by underfloor heating installers london. This is the case for both electric and water-based underfloor heating.

Energy efficiency

Underfloor heating is far more efficient than old-fashioned radiators and therefor more cost-effective when it comes to utility bills. It’s a good idea to have an efficiency test performed prior to having the underfloor heating installed to assess the overall effectiveness of your home insulation. With underfloor heating, the home will be able to retain heat much better and require less energy to maintain warmth.

All round comfort

The house will feel more comfortable when heated through the floor. This is because the temperature will be consistent around the room, for example one corner will not be cooler than the other – which is often the case with a radiator system.


With radiators and convection heating, floors remain cold and dampness at ground level can occur. This is the perfect environment for the dreaded dust mite to breed. However, with underfloor heating, any dust mites and creepy crawlies will find the underfloor heating makes their environment too warm and dry for them to live and breed in.


Underfloor heating can be installed with the vast majority of floor surfaces, provided you use the correct system. A floor heating system can now work under any kind of floor, including vinyl, engineered wood, carpet, laminate etc.

Flexibility in room temperature

Radiators are often fitted with thermostat valves – these can prove to be unreliable and temperature control will be more ‘hit and miss’ rather than an exact science. With good underfloor heating, it’s easy to save money by keeping temperatures low in rooms that are rarely used, whilst keeping key living areas as warm as you want.

Ideal for open space living

Radiators can be chunky and take up space, and they aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing features in a room. Underfloor heating eliminates the need for any radiators throughout the home, and frees up space that can be used for extra furniture or just to keep the room looking spacious.

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