Securing Your Home This Winter

How To Deter Criminals From Your Home This Season

Dark nights create extra hours for burglars to operate in. Make sure your home isn’t an obvious target for criminals this season.

Insurance claims for thefts and burglaries increase by 34% during the winter season according to research revealed by Co Op Insurance. As families often vacate their homes at predictable times such as on Bonfire Night or any time over the Christmas period when they might be visiting family and friends, thieves are at large looking for an opportunity to trespass and steal from your home. Unfortunately, the changing of the clocks means extended night-time hours which also makes it easier for criminals to operate under the cover of darkness. Whilst this might all sound like bad news for homeowners, the good news is that most thieves are just opportunists looking for an easy crime to commit, so if you do all the right things to secure your property, the chances are that they’ll move on elsewhere.

Securing Your Exterior

If you make it as difficult as possible for thieves to even get as far as your front or back door, they’ll likely not see your home as an attractive prospect. Security lights surrounding your property are an important deterrent as they can be triggered by the smallest movement, flooding light upon anyone that walks across a motion sensor. Criminals are usually put off by the idea of being under the spotlight so this step alone can be enough to make them move on. From your point of view, you’ll want the reassurance of knowing whether a trespasser has triggered your floodlights or whether it’s just a passing cat. Some of the latest security light models can send an alert to your smartphone so that you’re able to view the incident and determine the required action.

Installing A Burglar Alarm

Traditional burglar alarms have evolved somewhat, so that contemporary models now incorporate the latest innovations in tech. An intruder alarms Essex team explains that some of the best devices on the market now include vibration detectors, dual and passive infrared technologies, remote alarm signalling, glass-break sensors and even magnetic reed contacts. It’s important to work with a professional alarm installer who can advise you on the best areas of your property to place sensors so that all access points including ground and upper floor doors and windows are securely covered.

Don’t Attract Burglars

With the knowledge that 5% of burglars enter through an unlocked front door, it’s essential that you don’t become relaxed about the security of your home this winter, even if you perceive your local neighbourhood to be a safe place to live. The rise of digital usage has also seen some crimes occurred as a result of advertising your whereabouts on your social media profile. If you post pictures of you on holiday in Australia, then any would-be criminals reading your messages will see your property as an easy target for the next couple of weeks. Lock down your profile so that only your trusted network of friends can see it, but even then, it’s best to post holiday snaps when you get back.

Winter is a time to snuggle up in the comfort of your home without the worry of being burgled. Invest in some top-notch but inexpensive security systems and remember to take common sense steps so that criminals don’t see your property as a target!

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