Recycled Plastic Makes Everlasting Fence Panels

An Eco Friendly and Hardy Alternative to Timber

Innovations in recycling and remanufacturing technology are rapidly turning plastic’s ecological reputation upside down.

Mention eco-friendly manufacturing materials, and your mind will probably go towards natural substances like bamboo and cork. However, the first rule of sustainability is that it is better to reuse or recycle than to manufacture anything new. With this in mind, there is a new kid on the block when it comes to eco-friendly construction, and it is one that might come as something of a surprise.

When it comes to plastic, people tend to envisage some of the worst mental images when it comes to sustainability. Oceans filled with plastic bottles that will take hundreds of years to degrade are one of the most shameful legacies of our generation. The situation is all the more tragic given that these bottles are eminently recyclable, and that is where plastic garden fence panels enter the equation.

A supply just looking for demand

We should be grateful that plastic is a relatively recent innovation. If it had been around in the days of King Henry VII, the lemonade bottles from which he took a swig during the Siege of Boulogne would still be around today. As it is, we only have 60 or so years worth of plastic to deal with, and fortunately, more applications for recycled plastic are being dreamed up every day.

Of course, some plastic goes back into the drinks bottle industry for recycling, but manufacturers typically use only five to ten percent, as any more results in a slight cloudiness as opposed to perfect glass-like transparency.

Garden fencing – the perfect solution

Unless we are on exceptionally intimate terms with the neighbours, a perfectly transparent garden fence is not something we are likely to be looking for, so this particular factor is not a problem. In fact, plastic garden fence panels tick every box you can think of.

First and foremost, the latest panels to arrive on the market look stylish and modern. Anyone who is picturing those awful PVC panels that look as if they belong around a doll’s house can rest assured that the panels on the market today are an entirely different proposition. In fact, in many respects, they look no different to conventional wooden panels.

Secondly, everyone knows that a wooden fence has a limited life span. How long it lasts depends on how assiduous you are about keeping it painted and treated, but even if you do it every year, the elements ultimately take their toll. With a plastic fence panel, you can set it and forget it. No painting, no treatment, and as we learned from the example of King Henry VIII’s soft drink, it will last forever, requiring nothing more than the occasional wipe down or spray from the garden hose to remove dust, dirt and gifts from the local bird life.

Thirdly, plastic fencing is remarkably strong, far more so than wood. It can withstand a significant impact, improving the safety and security of your property, as well as its looks.

Plastic has caused plenty of environmental problems over the years. But plastic fencing panels turn the equation on its head and offer an effective, ecologically friendly solution.

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