Recreating The Classic Victorian Hallway

Giving Your Hall A New Lease of Life in 2018

The Victorian look has never been more popular, and it’s perfect for the demands of a busy hallway.

As we enter a new year, many of us think about updating our home décor. The hallway sees more use than many other areas of a home, but is often neglected when it comes to redecorating. Well, that just won’t do! A beautifully decorated hallway is going to be the first thing people see when they enter your home, and it will certainly lift your spirits when you walk through the front door too. Many people are opting for a Victorian-inspired theme in their hallway, and as you’ll soon see, creating this look is so easy but makes a huge style statement.

Floor tiles

For an authentically Victorian look, start with some new flooring. Victorian floor tiles are available in lots of different colours and patterns, and will add interest to a space that it is often lacking in both. A tiled floor is one of the hallmarks of a Victorian era home, and even if this is the only thing that you change in your hallway, it will work wonders. As well as looking beautiful, tiles are a really practical option for a hallway too. They’re incredibly easy to wipe clean, and their patterned surface is highly forgiving when it comes to dust and dirt.

Paint and wallpaper

Treating your walls to some new wallpaper or a fresh lick of paint is a good idea too. The Victorians were known for their love of patterned wallpapers, particularly those by the designer William Morris. Nowadays, we’re much more likely to opt for a low key look, especially when a new tiled floor makes such a statement. Lots of people opt for plain white walls to make the space feel bigger and brighter. If you’re a little more daring though, go for something like a rich burgundy or teal.


If you have enough room, then some new furniture will help you to create the Victorian look. A sideboard with beautifully carved accents would be the perfect finishing touch, and will provide you with some useful storage too. An occasional chair is a great way to inject some Victorian charm into your hallway. A plush, button backed chair in a gorgeous bright hue will add some fun and colour to your hall. Just place a William Morris or Liberty print cushion on it and you’re all set. If you don’t have much room for furniture, then opt for a small piece like an ornate coat stand or mirror.

Just a few changes make a massive difference

If you’re lucky enough to have original Victorian period features in your home, then it’s time to let them shine! Stained glass, ornate coving and sash windows are extremely desirable now, so make the most of them and restore them to their original glory. If you don’t live in a Victorian property, it’s still so easy to create the look with a beautiful tiled floor. Recreating a classic Victorian hallway is a great way of celebrating our country’s fantastic design heritage, and it’s a look that is showing no signs of going out of fashion. So why not look to the past for inspiration when it comes to redecorating your hallway?

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