Make Your Retirement More Affordable With Efficient Heating

Save Money On Fuel Bills By Installing An Air Source Heat Pump

Rising fuel prices across the UK are causing widespread concern to the elderly who struggle to afford the energy bills. ASHPs are a low-cost solution.

Recent media stories have been filled with news of price hikes by leading fuel companies across the UK. Npower has slapped a 9.8% increase onto its duel fuel prices, meaning that the average customer will need to find an extra £109 to cover this cost. Predictions across all companies in the fuel industry suggest that energy bills are expected to rise by an average of 5% throughout 2017.

Average Rates

The cheapest fixed rate tariff, which is supplied by SSE, comes in at £745, but this is expected to rise to £858 this year. Those on a variable rate are hit even harder, as the cheapest rate for energy would have been £765, but this is due to escalate to an enormous £904. Perhaps most shocking is that the average household in the UK pays much more than these figures – amassing a £1,006 bill per annum.

Older People Struggling To Pay The Bills

For those in full-time employment, these increases are of course worrying. However, for older people who are living off the small income provided from a pension, these changes to their fuel bills are horrifying and cause a great deal of anxiety. Even the government winter fuel allowance which offers between £100-300 tax-free, if you were born before 5th May 1953, makes only a small indent in the money required to cover these costs.

However, older people who are struggling with the rising prices of fuel, could save money by installing more efficient heating systems.

Introducing Air Source Heat Pumps

Retirees can spend less on their fuel bills by installing an air source heat pump, or ASHP system. This type of system can heat both air and water. It only uses around 25-30% of the electricity that a standard resistance heater would use for the equivalent amount of heating. This would therefore reduce your electricity bill significantly.

While the ASHP can provide low cost heating, the pump is highly efficient and offers around four times the amount of heat that a typical electrical heater does, but at the same electrical output.

When it comes to heating water, the air source heat pumps can achieve low temperatures of around 55C or up to a high temperature of 80C. A split or reversible ASHP system can operate as a heater in the winter, but double up as an air conditioning unit during the summer months, to offer the best of both worlds for homeowners.

Safety Aspects

ASHPs are actually extremely safe as they run on electricity. Therefore, no flammable or asphyxiating fuel is required at the point of heating, which reduces the potential dangers for older people who might be concerned about using gas. In terms of maintenance, air source heat pumps have few moving parts, which means that maintaining them is simple. It is worth noting though, that the outdoor heat exchanger should be kept free from leaves and other debris, as it is fan operated.

If you’re concerned about rising energy costs and want a low-cost solution that will save you money in the long-term while adding value to your home, then air source heat pumps are an excellent investment.

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