Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Stay In Control Of The Heat In Your Home

Do you struggle to sleep or relax at home during a heatwave? Here’s how to keep your home cool so you can stay calm and collected.

With temperatures hitting 28 degrees Celsius in some parts of the UK, it seems as though summer has arrived early this year. Of course, during the imposed lockdown, we’re somewhat confined to staying indoors. So, if you’re already finding your own home unbearable in the heatwave, here are some tips to cool it down!

Make Your Windows Work For You

Tempted to throw open the windows? Actually, that’s the last thing you should do in the height of a heatwave. The key to keeping your home cool lies in keeping the hot air out and the cool air in. EZ2Own explains that if you have double glazing, then this is effective in preventing heat from moving from one side of the window to the other. Most people think about the insulation benefits of double glazing throughout the winter months, but the technology is just as useful in summer. Whether you want to remain warm or cool, double glazing is key to controlling the temperature within your home.

Covering Up

If you have south-facing windows, it’s important to keep your blinds or curtains shut during the hottest part of the day. This will help to keep everything cool within your home. When the temperature does drop at night, you can open everything up to allow the cooler evening air to circulate through your home. Ideally, you should open windows at opposite ends of the house to provide your property with a through-flow.

Water tricks

Only 3% of Brits have air conditioning units installed in their own homes, which is a small percentage in comparison to many other countries. Whilst places such as Australia or the US regularly experience temperatures higher than ours, we are more likely to have uncomfortable living conditions due to our lack of aircon adoption.

Instead, we need to improvise with some simple DIY tricks involving water. Leaving bowls of water strategically placed around the home can help to cool warm air as it passes. Similarly, wet tea towels placed next to an open window, if you are too uncomfortable to leave it closed, may also help to provide a cooler environment.

However, the most effective water-cooling trick is to place a bowl of ice water in front of a rotating fan and relax as it mists cool vapour across the room.

Using Your Fan Correctly

If you tend to rely on fans to keep you cool throughout the summer, these can certainly be effective. However, there are some tricks to ensure you’re getting the most out of this type of cooling technology.

As the coolest air will always be at ground level, you should place your fan on the floor and point it upwards to ensure that you’re benefitting from the flow of colder air. Make sure that your fan isn’t obstructed by other objects – ideally it should be pointed at a wall.

Now you know how to keep your home cool this summer, you can take the necessary steps to stay fresh and relaxed throughout the remainder of lockdown!

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