How to Make Use of Your Conservatory in Winter

If you have a conservatory, chances are the space isn’t being used until the air temperature is just right. Typically, conservatories can be too hot in the Summer and too cold to use in the Winter, so it’s at risk of becoming a dumping ground for things that you don’t know what to do with!

Utilise the room to its best intentions, whether it be used as a dining room, living room, office or even a play area! It’s easy to transform bespoke conservatories into a space that you can enjoy spending time in with these simple ideas.

Family room

Transform the space into a family room by having comfy seating and sofas to relax on, and a coffee table in the centre to create a space used for recreation and relaxation. The room can be made snug and welcoming with throws, cushions and blankets and low-dim lighting. The welcoming and cosy room could hold small family parties or coffee mornings too when required.

Kitchen extension

When hosting a large dinner party, a conservatory could come in significant use when you need extra room for an overflow of people. The food preparation and cooking can take place in the kitchen, and guests can enjoy drinks in the conservatory whilst they wait to be seated. The extra room can give guests space to walk around and chat, and ample space for extra food and drink to be displayed!

Breakfast room

A conservatory is undoubtedly a place that people love to spend time in because of its beautiful natural light, flooding in through the glass doors and windows. The furniture should be matched accordingly, perhaps a light beige or stone theme colour in the room. The chairs could be small and light in colour as opposed to something chunky and dark. Matching light furniture to the bright room provides glamour to the whole space.

Office room

Fancy using the room for something productive? Why not try out an office space! It’s the perfect environment to relax and make business calls, hold meetings and so on. You would be able to have your own calm environment, whilst having the luxuries of being just next to the home.

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