How to Keep Your Conservatory Warm This Winter

Luxury conservatories are great places to relax, unwind and entertain in during the summer. When the temperature drops however during autumn and winter, conservatories can be notorious for being cold; soon to become a place that you don’t enjoy spending time in.

There are many ways you can minimise heat loss which enables you to better utilise your conservatory and ensure that it doesn’t go unused for too long.



Heat loss in a conservatory is usually down to the fact it is made from glass. The older the conservatory, the more likely it is to be single or double-glazed, whilst most modern conservatories are triple-glazed. It can be expensive to have all the glass replaced and upgraded, but you need to weigh the cost up against the additional usage you will get out of it.

Tackle draughts

Make sure all the doors in the conservatory are draught-proofed and that the windows have quality seals, but before all of that, ensure your conservatory is professionally fitted and maintained so that heat is not lost through bad joints or seals.

Invest in blinds and drapes

Blinds and drapes are an easy, attractive and cost-effective way to make your conservatory homelier, whilst retaining heat inside. Blinds and drapes can be opened when the sun is out to make the most of the heat and can be closed when radiators are on to retain the heat. To add some additional heat and take the edge off cold surfaces like leather chairs or sofas, customise the room with some throws and blankets. Window shutters would be a good investment, providing a classic look and effectively trap cold air and form a barrier from the window to retain more heat.

Consider your flooring

Whilst heat rises and not much is lost through the floor, the fact you are walking on a cold floor adds to the uncomfortable feeling in a cold conservatory. Professional underfloor heating can solve this issue, or carpets with thick underlay or specially-rated floor tiles that are hard-wearing and act as an insulator. For a cheaper solution, buy a large rug to cover the floor to make it nicer to walk on.

Invest in electric radiators

Many people choose not to connect their conservatory to their current heating system, as this can be costly and invasive. For those who do connect it, you might find that the heating just isn’t warming up the conservatory. Electric radiators are ideal as they only require an electrical socket. Electric radiators will really help you to increase and maintain warm temperatures in your home.

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