How to Decorate a Barn for a Wedding

Barn weddings in Essex are extremely popular, so it’s important to know how to decorate a barn so couples interested in a country-style wedding can visualise the rustic yet beautiful setting for their big day.

With careful planning and coordination, a barn can go from rustic to romantic in no time!

Outdoor decorations

There will be photographs taken all day, so it’s important to get the barn looking welcoming and photogenic. Considering grooming the surrounding lawns so that they’re neat and clean. You could also have ribbon or streamers draped on the outside ledges for a glimpse of what’s to come inside.


Barns can be dark, so it’s important to provide great lighting in the venue. Place candles (if permitted) around the ledges to create a soft, romantic light. Fairy lights or lanterns along exposed beams or pillars creates a loving, warm atmosphere.


Flowers are staple wedding decorations and can brighten up any barn. Large blooms such as sunflowers can add a bright, dramatic statement. Farm-familiar plants, such as fresh fruit, autumn leaves and hay can add a rustic charm to the barn.

Table decorations

Decorating a table can add colour, sophistication and pizzazz to a barn wedding. Choose bright colours to offset the dark woods and shadows of a barn, and incorporate flowers and decorative plants into the table décor.

Themed accents

Whether a couple is interested in an autumn harvest theme or basic country ambiance, there are many decorative features you can add to create an atmosphere in the barn. Coloured horseshoes that match the wedding colours and lassos shaped into hearts are the perfect small touches for western-style wedding.

Adding just the right touches can help to set the scene for the couple ahead of their big day!

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