Don’t Let Pigeons Ruin Your Sleep

Call in The Pest Control Experts

If pigeons are keeping you up at night, it’s time to call in the professionals and get rid of them for good.

Many of us have had to deal with unwanted pigeon presences on our properties, but for those with loft conversions and dormer windows the problems can be even more propounded. Pigeons love to nest in these spaces, and with more of us converting our lofts into bedrooms it’s seriously impacting on people’s sleep. If that sounds like you, it’s time to sort out the problem once and for all!

A common problem

You want your bedroom to be a peaceful sanctuary, somewhere where you can relax after the trials and tribulations of a long day. What you don’t want is the noise of pigeons nesting on your roof disturbing your sleep. Pigeons love to nest on flat roofs, with dormer windows in loft conversions being a particular favourite. So if you’ve just converted your attic into a luxurious loft bedroom, you could have a rude awakening.

A threat to your property

Pigeons may make a racket, but that’s not the end of it. These pest birds aren’t just noisy but can cause serious damage to your property too. Over time, the nesting materials and droppings left by pigeons can cause significant damage to a roof. Pigeon droppings have a high acidic content, which can cause holes to form in roofs, leading to leaks. If you’ve just invested in a loft conversion that’s the last thing that you want!

Call in an expert

If you have noticed that pigeons are nesting on your property, then it’s time to call in the experts. Effective Bird Control are the leading providers of solutions for pigeon infestations. They will visit your property and assess the situation, seeing how established the pigeons are and how many there are. Then they’ll deploy the right pest control method for the job. All of their bird control measures are humane, so you can take action without fear of harming the local wildlife or the environment.

Don’t go for the DIY approach

It can be tempting to try and tackle a pigeon problem yourself, but it’s always much better to call in the professionals. Not only will with they be able to carry out the work much more quickly, but their skill and experience means that they will be able to do so while causing minimal disruption. The tools and resources that they have at their disposal means that they’ll be able to remove the pigeons much more safely too. So, don’t try and cut corners.

It won’t go away by itself

So many people put off removing pigeons from their roof due to the belief that the birds will soon move on. In an area with a thriving pigeon population though, the birds breed all year. So once your roof has been identified as a safe nesting spot, they will be there all the time! Once you notice the problem, don’t delay in seeking some help from Effective Bird Control.

Make the call today

If you’ve been losing sleep due to nesting pigeons all summer, then make today the day you get the ball rolling. In no time at all a qualified pest control expert could be visiting your home and advising you on how to get rid of your pigeon problem for good. After that, you won’t be suffering through any more sleepless nights!

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