Bring the Outside in With New Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Doors Add Light and Life to Your Living Space

Autumn is the perfect time to install modern sliding glass doors, to add light, sophistication and thermal efficiency to your home.

If you have been contemplating that addition of bifold or sliding doors to your home, you might think that with the long, hot summer behind us, you need to shelve the notion for another year, and maybe start thinking about it again in spring. However, that is not necessarily the case.

Professional installers adding sliding doors in Surrey residences now find themselves as busy at this time of the year as they are in April and May. There are a host of reasons behind this, but one of the largest contributing factors is the advances in technology over recent years.

Unparalleled thermal efficiency

Who remembers the days when sliding doors were draughty affairs, fit only for a conservatory that was only useful as an overspill fridge during the colder months? Those days are long gone, and today’s sliding doors are incredibly thermally efficient, letting in the heat from the sun, but not letting the warm air out. As such, you can actually find your heating bills go down after you’ve installed sliding doors.

Enjoying the changing seasons

Summer is a great time for being out in the garden, but autumn, winter and spring are the seasons when there is more to see – and it’s far nice to do so from a toasty warm house behind glass! Everything is laid out before you, from the autumn colours as the leaves turn brown, to the magical winter wonderland of a snow-covered garden to the sense of renewal in spring as the flowers make their first tentative forays above ground. There is always something to see and marvel at, and your only regret will be that you were missing it all for so many years before you had those sliding doors installed.

Adding a sense of light and spaciousness to your home

Things can start to seem a little crowded and oppressive when the rain is pouring down outside and everyone is cooped up indoors, particularly if you have a houseful of kids. Those glass sliding doors make the room feel so much bigger, and even when the weather is grey and overcast, the house feels lighter and somehow more alive.

Investing in the future

All the above are great reasons why sliding doors are an attractive addition to your home in the here and now. But they also represent a sound investment. None of us stay in the same place forever, and when you finally come around to selling your house, doors and windows are close to the top of every prospective buyer’s priority list.

Modern, thermally efficient doors give the property a contemporary look that makes it stand out from the neighbours. They will also help you to score better on those all-important energy efficiency reports that estate agents prepare.

So as well as providing you with a fantastic living environment in the present, adding sliding doors also represents a solid financial investment for the future.

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