10 Ways to Create an Art Deco Sleeping Space

There are three words that sum up the Art Deco style perfectly: opulence, glamour and luxury. So, it’s no wonder this beautifully decadent style lends itself so well to the bedroom. Injecting a touch of Hollywood jazz-era design is a great way to create a stylish sanctuary; think bold geometric lines, strong symmetry and lashings of velvet and polished chrome.

Here’s how to get the look in 10 easy steps!



Art Deco is all about symmetry and balance. With your focal point in place, build towards creating a strong sense of symmetry with bedside tables, lamps, artwork and accessories.

Little details

If you don’t want to totally transform your bedroom theme, why not add a few accessories that will give a nod towards the trend? Think ornate tiebacks with long tassels, art deco cupboard handles and lavish floor-length curtains.

Striking wall lights

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, sconces adorned the walls of cinemas – so be inspired by their classic shape still being trendy. At the subtle end, why not try glass, chrome and polished silver designs, whilst the more adventurous could try elaborately decorated coloured glass and torch flames.

Neutral and layered

If you’re going for a neutral palette with classic art deco colours, such as taupe and mocha, layering is key to ensure the room doesn’t become flat and bland. Team the room with metallics, glass and textured fabrics for maximum opulence.

Supersize the headboard

An oversized headboard provides a strong starting point that will inform the look of the room; A great one to use is an upholstered headboard in a plush, luxurious fabric, such as velvet or crushed silk, which will provide a dramatic focal point as soon as you enter the room.

Reflective surfaces

The more mirrors – the better! Mirrored furniture adds a gloriously decadent feel, and polished chrome or silver door knobs would add a touch of class to furniture.

Add classic furniture

The chaise longue and ottoman are highly coveted pieces of furniture to fit the Art Deco theme, which will also provide the benefit of added storage, instantly ramping up the luxury factor.

Install a fireplace

Bring in the strong geometric lines of the machine age with an Art Deco-style fireplace – there are plenty of designs to choose from. Some are full-on Deco style with full tilting, whilst others are tamer with a simple square shape with parallel lines that characterised the era.

Geometric patterns

Geometric rugs and cushions are very much on trend at the moment, and this is an easy trend to buy into. Look out for designs reminiscent of Egyptian or African tribal art, or monochrome, which works well with chrome, silver and black lacquered finishes.

Decorate the dressing table

Create a beautiful dressing table and start with two or three larger anchor pieces, such as an ornate mirror and jewellery stands, before adding small things into the remaining space such as vintage perfume bottles, necklaces, flowers and trinkets.

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